About Julia Treu

Hi there, my name is Julia Treu and I love creating and learning.
While I've loved to draw since my childhood years, I developed an interest in all kinds of visual creation. Some needed to be learned first, before the creative process could beginn.
One of the first digital creative skills I learned was creating web designs with html and css.
By now I use html and css regulary for over 10 years already. Mostly for creating my own webdesigns so far. One thing led to another and I studied Informatics, got a Bachelor Degree in Applied Computer Science and started the Master Degree in Digital Media.
I graduated in 2018 with a Master of Science in Digital Media.
Other skills came somewhat naturally after a while, like photography, which I consider a hobby for walks in nature.
Even though I finished my degree, my interests still inspire me to learn new and improve old skills. By the way, I'm a born April Fools Joke (born 1st April 1991).